BEST JEWELRY handmade on Instagram: “#Repost @alina_zlobina_ (@ media.repost) ・ ・ ・ Brooch shoe for @ boiko_tatyana1206 💙 Girls, I will try to fulfill all your wishes 😊 …”

ЛУЧШИЕ УКРАШЕНИЯ ручной работы on Instagram: “#Repost @alina_zlobina_ (@media.repost) ・・・ Брошь туфля для @boiko_tatyana1206 💙 Девочки, я постараюсь выполнить все ваши пожелания 😊…”

Repost from @studiobroshka with @reposap #reposap Today we honor real men. Thank you for your support, for your love, loyalty and endless patience with all our women's troubles😉 Happy holiday! ⭐️ Star made to order. The price of a repeat is 1500 rubles. 📩 To order, write to Direct or WhatsApp – all contacts and links in the profile header😉 # brooch star


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